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What People Are Saying About Us!

12/05/22   I just passed on a bunch of info to new owners that bought our house.  Raves about your business and the reliable job you all do.  Hopefully they will call you. Deb T.

11/28/22  Everything looked fantastic.  We will be reaching out for a clean again.  Blanca (short term rental)

7/21/22   I just wanted to write and let you know what a phenomenal job your team did on our house yesterday! Thank you for the communication and for making it work within our budget – we appreciate it very much.  Praxia

6/30/22 – House looks great and thank you so much for doing Herc’s bowl and dishes, Jessica Z

6/20/22   Busy Girl’s Do a great job for me! Karen S.

5/1/22 – As usual another great job,    Colleen

4/1/22 – Olivia was so happy with this clean and the effort to make the home sparkle and shine that she wants to send a gift card to you all.   Debra K

01/15/2021 Everything was beyond great. I am very very happy with the service. Susan K.

12/19/19  Kristin, our two ladies are just the best.  Cindy and Siobhan always do a wonderful job, and we appreciate them so very much. Carol H

11/7/19  Just want to let you know how happy we are with the last cleaning.  Everything feels fresh and clean!  Thank you and please let the team know.  Janet & Greg

10/23/19  As always the house looks Amazing.  Michelle & Ivy are the best!  Thanks.   Jessica Z

8/20/19  I just want to let you know that the girls did a fabulous job today. Thank you for your continued top notch service.   Caren R.

07/19/19  I LOVE AD!! Thank you Carolyn L

05/17/19 – I appreciate how thorough and detailed your crew always are!  Jason F.

6/26/2018  (via email)  BTW, you really are a life saver and I recommend you to everyone who asks for your service. I am a counselor and regular recommend you all for cleaning or organization services.    AR

4/26/2016 – Michelle and Rosa did a great job today cleaning our house–it looks wonderful.  In addition to regular cleaning, Michelle cleaned the spice rack  and the microwave.  We are very pleased with Busy Girl.   Thank you !!!!! John S.

10/12/2015 – Another fabulous cleaning!  Thank you!  Check in the mail.  Season

9/01/2015 – They showed up on time, only took a few hours, and cleaned everything very well. Their price was lower than other cleaners’ prices, but we have a relatively small house.  They were fine working around our dog, also.       Adam

8/29/2015 – Kristin came and cleaned the townhouse.  We had already moved out so we were out of the way. She took a quick tour with me to discuss what things were most important to complete in the time frame allotted. She cleaned everything well and was able to complete the work in less time than originally allotted. I only paid for her cleaning time (not the full 8 hours that was estimated). I was able to get my deposit back from the townhouse management.     Samantha L

7/30/2015  – The company responded quickly to my inquiry and was able to schedule a cleaning quickly. My tenant was quite happy – both with the ease of scheduling as well as the quality of the cleaning. Happy tenant, happy landlord. 🙂 I will definitely use Busy Girl again.  Jennifer K.

5/13/2015 – I’ve used Busy Girl twice now and they’ve been doing a good job for us to get my upstairs in order. The owner, who I first consulted with, has been sending one of her employees to do the job and I’ve been happy with her. I’ve liked how upfront and reasonably priced they’ve been. I would definitely recommend their services to anyone.  Brenda B.

I set up Busy Girl services to help with my aging parents home cleaning projects and Busy Girl has exceeded all expectations and are outstanding service.  Kristin and her team are reliable, professional, and perform an excellent job.
At first my elderly parents weren’t exactly excited about having anyone new inside their home, but after their first visit with Busy Girl, their fears were calmed and have Busy Girl services on a bi-monthly basis for over a year now. Kristin has unique ability to connect with her customers and creates an individual plan, tailored to the customers goals & needs. I highly recommend Busy Girl services based on trust, strong work ethic, and professional services. Thank you for everything you do!
   Danita E.

9/16/2014 – (via text).  Mel did a great job.   I will be retiring 12-31 so I will have to clean my house starting in the New Year.   In the mean time, I hope you will be here.  All your girls are great.  Even though I won’t be using your service,  I will recommend Busy Girl as the most professional home care I have experienced.  You rock!

8/8/2014 – (via text)  ahhhhhh a clean chapel 🙂  Thank you SO much.  Sweet girls!  Jann S.

5/29/14  (via email)
Stefanie did her usual great job with our house.  Also, I had asked if she could get a rust stain out of our hearth(!), and she did. It is totally gone.  Joan

12/27/13 (via text from regular cleaning customer)
Your company is great.  If you need customer referrals, just let me know.   I would gladly write you a recommendation!  Christine D.

12/11/2013 (via text from a new customer)
My husband just texted me to marvel about how clean the condo is.  Can’t wait to get home!  Thank you so much.


Oh my gosh Kristin, what an amazing job!!!  There were so many small places that needed attention and you got them all.  Thank you SO much.   Jan

3/25/13 (YELP review)
My basement was in such a mess, we called it “The Shame Hole”. Not hoarder-type stuff, just messy and disorganized. Busy Girl to the rescue!
Busy Girl is a pleasure to work with, and whipped my basement into shape. It was amazing after she was done with it, didn’t even look like the same space. She even took my garbage away, and is going to help me organize a garage sale.
Having Busy Girl come over and re-organize my basement gave me a sense of calm and well-being I haven’t had in a while.  I really dislike chaos, and I have to say that this gave me the kind of tranquil feeling you get after a day to a spa, except it lasts a lot longer.  Treat yourself ladies!  

Donna E.

02/05/13  Kristin Lester has been helping me with my house for six months.  She is well-organized, efficient and thorough.  She is open to suggestions and consistently looks for better ways to do things.  After each visit, Kristin leaves a detailed description of the work she has done.   Even though we have arranged a regular schedule, Kristin always reminds me of the date and time of her next visit.  Kristin not only helps to keep my house clean, she has given me decorating advice and very capably painted my kitchen.  Her painting skills are excellent.  She gave me an accurate estimate of how much paint to buy and brought all tools necessary to complete the job.  Most impressive, she neither spilled nor spattered any paint on herself or my house.  I can’t say as much for other painters I have previously used.  Busy Girl provides much more than a cleaning services.  I know that she wants my house to look good as much as I do.  I will soon be turning to her for help with some remodeling that I’m planning for this Summer.
Thank you, Helen Milus